Semi Formal Dresses

When it comes to semi-formal dress code, it can be confusing. Well, a semi formal dress code would necessarily involve a dress somewhere between formal or black tie and casual. While it would depend on what time the event will be, it is generally knee length cocktail dress and dressy top and skirt combo. But to make sure you get the right outfit to the party, here is a collection of semi-formal dresses that are winners in style. This is a must-have for any girl. Here are semi formal gowns that are up to date when it comes to style and features.

This collection of semi formal dresses varies from body hugging, to straight cut, and to flowing silhouettes. So regardless of size and shape, know that we have at least one that is right for you, enough to make you comfortable and look your best. Whether it is a graduation, birthday, date, or dance, you have several options when it comes to shades and colors. This is especially so when semi formal gowns can be used for day, night, or both. This closet staple comes in different style and cutouts, either for a more modest or reserved look that is expected in corporate events or sexy and alluring cuts and silhouettes. Perfect the semi formal look with a perfect neckline and length that flatters your figure the most. A deep neckline lengthens the body, which is a good trick to make you instantly taller. Whether you like it classic or modish, this collection is definitely worth your while.

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5 5 (8 Reviews)
  • 5.00
  • BY:Darren Gichie
  • DATE:Feb 05, 2016

Charming One-Shoulder Midi Short Chiffon A-Line Dress With Floral Strap

Love it!

Loveable semi formal dress no doubt but like other lady reviews I too will advice to be little cautious about size.

  • 5.00
  • BY:Sabrina R
  • DATE:Oct 03, 2015

Wonderful Criss-Cross Sleeveless Short Soft Dress With Draping

An XL in this dress is more like a 12-14

Great dress I think this dress only looks this model like good when you wear the dress in perfect size. It's a reasonably priced semi formal dress that I got it lose size. My mom helped in fixing. So no altercation fee needed thankfully.

  • 5.00
  • BY:Sarah Z
  • DATE:Sep 07, 2015

Dramatic A-Line Ruched Knee-Length Dress With Flower

nice nice

One thing you need to understand if u want to become regular shopper from here. The size chart here hardly works. So u will need to make the semi formal dress with your own measurements. Fabric design you can trust , but not the size chart.

  • 5.00
  • BY:Luis
  • DATE:Jul 10, 2015

Classic Bateau-neck Lace Mini Long Sleeve Formal Dress

fits kinda weird

Length was okay'' on me I mean I can manage but shorter was better. I could manage with a heel shoe so is not returning the product. I have no such complaints when it comes to the fabric.

  • 5.00
  • BY:Cesar A. Rodriguez T
  • DATE:Apr 21, 2015

Jeweled and Embellished Short Dress With Cutout

Love it enough to order another color or two

DAUGHTER wanted an emergency prom dress. I think all mom needs to be ready for something like this. This is her fav color. We needed the dress to be done under a month. The prom was on 22nd day and the dress came on 20th. She was happy after wearing the dress so all is well in my world now.

  • 5.00
  • BY:ChicSpandex
  • DATE:Nov 14, 2015

Elegant Plunged Flower Body-Fitting Short Dress With Ruching

great look, perfect for those fall days when you ...

This is a short little glamour dress. I was not planning to but something so small. But changed my mind as this dress is in my favorite shade of green. When I wore the dress I felt awkward as the length is too short. I wore skin color slacks and I was okay after that. I will say that if you are tall you might need to custom length.

  • 5.00
  • BY:mark beach
  • DATE:Oct 31, 2015

Enchanting Sleeveless Mini Sheath High-Neck Semi Formal Dress With Zipper Back

Runs a little small

Can you believe that this is the first short black dress that I now own? I was confident that this dress is going to turn out good and I was right. I will also mention that this dress is not that short in person. It is actually a little over the knee. It is not as tight as it is looking at the pic here.

  • 5.00
  • BY:Vanessa Shaw
  • DATE:Oct 18, 2015

Elegant Bateau-Neck Chiffon A-Line Short Sleeveless Bateau Dress With Pleats

Nice, Classic

We did not even checked if this dress is meant for bridesmaid. We thought that the color of the dress is pretty weddingy and ordered it. You really cannot get that wrong when the price is as cheap as this. I was planning to order a size from the chart then my cousin suggested that we get all the dresses custom made. I liked so many other dresses here,gowns short dresses everything is so cool. Will be back once have more money to get hands on some more pretty stunning dresses.